Does your team deserve a massage? Of course they do!

SENSASIA is the largest independent spa chain in the UAE, with an unrivalled reputation for providing tailored and expertly-delivered treatments to complement today’s busy lifestyles.

We are long-term advocates on the benefits of massage and body treatments for overall health and wellbeing, and have taken our services to a wide portfolio of business locations, events and private functions.

SENSASIA’s Corporate Wellness Programmes are an investment in your company’s most important resource – its team.

Our Traditional Chair Massage Offsite Services are available with a minimum two-hour massage booking time (+ one hour for travel) and with a minimum of two therapists.

We are also able to facilitate monthly sessions and tailored concepts to suit your company, which can be incorporated into your wider corporate wellness programme.


Companies with an active Corporate Wellness Programme can see:

• Reduced rates of absenteeism
• Enhanced team focus, time utilisation and productivity
• Improved employee morale, and subsequently employee turnover

Studies have shown that workers are more likely to be ‘on the job’ and performing well when they are feeling well, both physically and mentally. They are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and appreciate an employer that values them.

Statistics show the average person spends nine hours per day locked to digital devices, and we will check our smartphones an average of five times per hour, every waking hour of the day. Add to that the endless hours of desk work and meetings we engage in per day, and it’s easy to see why back pain is the single leading cause of disability and missed work days worldwide.


For further information, please call us or email at We are also able to facilitate monthly sessions that can be incorporated into your overall corporate wellness programs.

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