with sensasia urban spas...

“There are no shortcuts to Nirvana, except perhaps a visit to SensAsia Urban Spa at Emirates Golf Club... To say the team have got it right would be an understatement.”


How it Began

It all started amid the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

I was a golf widow, and while my husband Kavit hit the course on one of our many trips to Vietnam in the early noughties, I went in search of a lazy afternoon indulging myself.

Right in the middle of the most glorious Shiatsus I have ever, ever… EVER had, I almost ached at the thought of not being able to take such an experience back home to Dubai. Then, I questioned myself: "Why ache? Why not create my own sanctuary, which, if done correctly, could add so much tranquility to the city… and be a whole lot of fun?

I have a business and marketing degree, so I knew how to 'package' an idea and sell it. Now I just needed the ingredients to make the product work.

in the hustle & bustle of Hanoi...

I created a journey through MY senses of Asia...

I met Kavit back at the hotel that evening and was bursting at the seams, desperate to tell him my idea and hoping he wouldn't crush it by laughing. He was extremely supportive and excited, and the SensAsia wheels were suddenly in motion.

I didn't know the first thing about the spa industry (aside from using them very well!) I wasn't a therapist, or any sort of beauty technician, but I WAS the ideal consumer. This was the approach I took to designing the entire SensAsia Experience.

What did I want from a spa, that I could build into my lifestyle? Privacy, effective treatments and good quality ingredients in a comfortable, cool and urban setting was something I hadn't found in Dubai. I had spent most of my life in Bangkok before I went away to Boston for university, so a cross between the two worlds was a natural foundation. I removed every element of what I considered a "stuffy spa" experience, and kept the modern, forever-busy woman of today in mind at all times.

I wanted a hideaway. Something that could turn the city's buzz into a purr…

Unintentionally, SensAsia Urban Spa became a reflection of myself. I truly enjoyed creating treatments that meant so much to me – like the ultra-calming, sleep-enducing Pillow Talk massage (that ends with warm blankets and hot cocoa!) and the Blissfully Unaware spa session.

A journey through MY senses of Asia was created. Ubud, my favourite treatment room, is where I honeymooned. The beachy, turquoise retreat of Samui is where I got married; Java, where I holidayed as a child with my family and Nha Trang, where my husband and I discussed at length the possibility of a spa in Dubai.

Ahhh, the memories...

We proudly opened the doors to the first SensAsia Urban Spa in September 2004. In 2015, we celebrate 11 years of success, across four unique and loving-created locations, as the largest independent spa chain in the UAE.

I look back and realise that it wasn't easy, and, after my twin girls, SensAsia Urban Spa really is my first baby.

My objective has always been the same – to take you on the complete sensory journey I've been on. Our award-winning spas integrate health and wellness in an urban environment, while providing an oasis of calm and luxury away from the frantic pace of the city. The uber-chic retreats and blissfully indulgent experiences combine Balinese grace, Japanese elegance and Thai charm, and are designed to melt away the stresses of ever day life.

All SensAsia Urban Spas are sanctuaries, and everyone inside them is passionate about pampering.

It's all in the details.

So, relax, unwind and enjoy the SensAsia Urban Spa experience... just as I do.

Salina xxx